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Take a look at some futuristic sustainable transportation designs that caught my eye. Forces which can affect futuristic transportation options will be financial, technological, sustainability, and of course ethical(safety). Financially, futuristic vehicles must be environmentally efficient, safe, and affordable. We know fossil fuels are not getting any cheaper. For these new vehicles to be adopted by the masses, they have got to be affordable; thats where technologically efficient efforts during the manufacturing process must be realized.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do schools really kill creativity?

     While browsing some of the most popular TED talks I found the talk titled, "Schools Kill Creativity." I found this title to be quite interesting as I too believe we should take a hard look at our school systems and future intelligence needs of man kind. What are we actually preparing students for in the future? We have many degreed people without jobs. Were pushing even more out of our academic institutions on a yearly basis with promises of a degree will get you a job somewhere. It's not the same old job system anymore.
     Two points I found interesting are the academic inflation of degree needs for jobs in the future and the degrees of intelligence usage of we prepare students for. I found the idea we are all born as creative artists however, we stifle our creativity and teach ourselves out of being artists. We need to rethink the educational systems we are relying on to build the future.

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  1. Let me expand upon a few things that I've been thinking on the last few weeks. In current events we saw the Chicago teachers strike. One of the forces the mayor saw as negatively affecting the learning process was temporal. I disagree, if anything we should be shortening our school days! I say daily that it's all about the 1'sand 0's in the future. We should be teaching programming in elementary school. We need to change the way administrators and society thinks. Another force negatively affecting creativity in schools is Societal, we think the most important subjects the core math/english. I too believe the Arts are just as important. We don't need a society full of experts who cant create or think outside the norms.