Futuristic Sustainable Transportation

Take a look at some futuristic sustainable transportation designs that caught my eye. Forces which can affect futuristic transportation options will be financial, technological, sustainability, and of course ethical(safety). Financially, futuristic vehicles must be environmentally efficient, safe, and affordable. We know fossil fuels are not getting any cheaper. For these new vehicles to be adopted by the masses, they have got to be affordable; thats where technologically efficient efforts during the manufacturing process must be realized.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tablets of the Future in Higher Education

      Tablet computing hardware is one form factor which is still in its infancy. Flexible touch screens are in under development which will allow tablets to take on different textures and shapes. One day we may be wearing our computing devices much like accessories to our clothing; imagine a hat or scarf made of flexible computing display material. O.k., that’s may be a bit much but I believe we will see form factors we never expected in the near future. 
     Key trends in higher education textbook offerings include digital textbooks and freely available apps written specifically to take advantage of tablet computing devices. The textbook publishers finally get it! Many are now offering online textbooks and far superior to the .PDF versions of the past.  Textbooks with supplements and interactivity through web linking is adding value for students who own these devices.

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